anybody want to comment on being a mom and making time for making art?

I am Mom to one daughter, now a teen.
I have had quite a journey and some successes making time for making art while also enjoying raising our daughter and running a business with my spouse. But I feel frustration a lot at not “digging in” enough.

How do you make time to tap into muse amid the distractions of motherhood?

I am curious how you focus just on your art in these times and not get pulled by other projects like cooking, yard work, organizing the laundry room, etc. And how does it feel – do you feel satisfied with your development of your ideas? It’s neat that you have identified a way to wait til your free time comes and use it as rehearsal – which is such an important step in my mind, too.

One room of our house was converted to tables for creations back when our daughter was little. She is now 14 and we still share that room. She has a smaller space that’s all her own her tree house that she has chosen to set up with a table and art supplies — cool. I also have my clay shack I built over 20 years ago out in the back. I share that space with students, too.

Around the time she was 4, I rented studio space at a friends twice a week while she was at preschool. That was heaven – short lived tho cause I went back to teaching after I had started that.

Another thing that helped me was joining with my spouse on a studio tour – having my clay creations for sale alongside his paintings at his studio. Before our daughter was born, I had been going to some sales (coop). After joining the studio tour I started selling at the craft row of growers mkt. I would take daughter and she would even sell some plates she had glazed. She had spending money and liked hanging out. She would also meet her friends there.

But this emphasis on selling work has gotten in the way of a feeling of real connectedness to my muse that I used to feel before her birth, when I taught and had summers off and those summers gave me such long solid solitary times to connect.

I think writing this out just helped me realize the exact thing I miss in this motherhood state ( that will not go on forever, right?) – solitary space. And I know I love what I exchanged it for — parenting a wonderful human.


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