Cooper’s Hawk visits my yard!

Cooper's Hawk out of tile that I made for High Country panel after seeing it at the Sandia Mountain Natural History Center carrying Abert's Squirrel.

But today it’s not in clay – it’s for real – in branches of our back elm perched looking out at neighbor’s dry field. Hope you get some dinner!!


2 Responses to “Cooper’s Hawk visits my yard!”

  1. April 16, 2010 at 2:57 pm

    Cooper’s Hawk on the tree and in your art. Very good correspondence. I really like your mural of the hawk.

  2. April 16, 2010 at 3:40 pm

    Thanks, Jack.

    When my turn came up in our email Renga writing, I portrayed this visit again, last night (3rd from bottom, below)

    3 Line Stanza Renga

    Spring yellows,
    fall yellows–all
    the same yolk. (Deborah)

    Crocus, daffodil,
    tulip, pansy, forsythia –
    spring buds cracked open.(June)

    The sky is steel blue with detail –
    greening branches trace runes,
    illustrated by blossoms pink, white, scarlet. (Beth)

    Buds among the
    evergreens; show
    blanketing iris. (Lou)

    Smoke clouds blossom
    behind pointed town —
    heart races for wild ones. (Cirrelda)

    green garden sprouts
    appear today. (Flora)

    diagonals behind
    tiny, almost leaves. (Deborah)

    Red rock cairns
    to bayside breezes
    condors glide. (June)

    Outrageous color
    splashing through sky from high pine
    branches — broad-billed hummer. (Beth)

    Lives along the Rio: Great
    Blue Heron fishes, Owl
    hunts; I witness. (Lou)

    Elm seed green circlets:
    Cooper’s Hawk hides behind them
    on the swaying branch. (Cirrelda)

    Sheets hanging
    on the clothesline–
    will smell like sun tonight. (Flora)

    Enjoy the
    implications: a hawk
    alights on its nest. (Deborah)

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