love o’clay, love o’illustration

Sharing a bit of my process here.

"I meet her this way often" © 1998 CC Snider-Bryan

“I meet her this way often” © 1998
Low relief tile. Coyote, Duncan underglazes. 10″ sq.
Documents the way I would meet my sister at the head of an intersection, each on our different morning paths – hers as The Cleaning Lady, me as Mom of Preschooler and Press Lackey.

"Yerba de la Negrita" © 2001

“Yerba de la Negrita – Scarlet Globemallow” © 2001
Duncan underglaze and Mayco border. 4″ sq.
From my earliest series documenting flowers in our yard.

"Carlito Springs IV" © 2008

“Carlito Springs IV” © 2008
Press mold. Duncan and Mayco glazes. 6″ sq.
4th version of this story, the first made into press mold. The story told me by Bernalillo County Open Space Caretaker of the tracks: Badger and Puma, @ the spring.

"Lilac Gestalt II" © 2008

“Lilac Gestalt II”
Press mold. With Laguna glazes.

Glazing Neighbor Guineas

“Neighbor Guineas” © 2004.
Press mold. Duncan, Mayco glazes, Amaco chalk. 6 ” sq. Guineas in Los Ranchos, my sistah’s neighborhood – with Sandias in the background. I look at Sandias and at Guinea heads each time I do these.

"From a Dog's Nose" © 2006

“From a Dog’s Nose” © 2006
Press mold. Duncan, Mayco glazes. 6″ sq.
The old arroyo I used to visit weekly, the last time I took our Dog there – an amazing place. The goal is to depict the sense of space in that arroyo with the looming Sandias, as well as document the then 2 year old Dog’s slow attempts to catch a Jackrabbit. A friend told me this composition didn’t work. Different versions exist.


3 Responses to “love o’clay, love o’illustration”

  1. May 31, 2010 at 3:27 am


    What artistic creations you make! I so much like the local stories, history, that you imprint on your tile. I like the “Lilac Gestalt” (don’t hear that word much, anymore). From the very beginning that I attached to your blog, I have always admired the tile aspect of your life. I’ve thought how very beautiful they would look in my home in various places: next to the fireplace, front door, associated spots in the kitchen.

    “Yerba de la Negrita,” a favorite for me.

    Hope the weekend goes well for you.


  2. May 31, 2010 at 3:42 am

    I like the title you put to this post. I’m trying to be more creative with mine.

    • May 31, 2010 at 5:35 pm

      I like YOUR titles. I love your “Field Logs.” That is a simple and profound form, that one – looking for, and recording, the ‘evidence’ of a place and time.

      Thanks for your concrete feedback.

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