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Sharing progress on Bosque Youth Panel

Pathways Mural - panel #4 - right lower side

Pathways Mural panel 4's midsection

‘Protect Our Wildlife Corridors’ Youth Bosque Panel

Total # volunteers in last 4 weeks 5/30-6/29: 20
Total # hours donated by those twenty: 125+


Cottonwood seeds on Dog noses, blooming Desert Willows, Sparrows chasing Doves

Sat Jun 19th 2010 Field Log

Awaking at dawn, the words “take a walk” boomed out from within me today. So lucky we are to live in the old farming area along the rio here in north central Nuevo Mexico. Short walk in the coolness of mid June morn – along irrigation ditch:

our dog’s great nose picked up a whole lotta cotton, especially as it lingered on the low lying cottonwood leaves where I saw the delicate track of Crayfish – are they trying to climb trees?

the shade between 8:30 and 9 am is plentiful on the east road of the ditch.

the reflection in the ditch water so clear of the blue sky and green tree leaves.

folks really do make their yards into havens in this last bit of town before the river bends back east – beautiful flowers, pathways, fields, critters.

the Desert Willow blossoms were right at my own nostril level at narrow passageway from ditch to street and they sure have a distinct pleasant scent. Plus beautiful shape and subtle colors on white backgrounds.

plentiful Doves and Sparrows here – witnessed that one of each were flying together with the smaller bird seeming more the lead before they ended up next to each other on power line.

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