in response to Barelas Babe’s question, what do Albuquerque kids need to know about their environment?

This was my response to Barelas Babe’s question in her Duke City Fix blog post, ” Laches, Lackeys … and the Great Outdoors” which you can see in its entirety here:



“And to answer one of your questions, Burque bambinos need to know these things about their environment (and I bow to more knowledgeable folks with any corrections):
-that they live on one of the five continental rifts in the world, which is why there are so many volcanos and mountain ranges; that the rock layer at the top of the Sandias continues 5 miles below the Rio, and that is due to all the fault movement that has caused those layers to drop down; and because of living in midst of the Rio Grande Rift, our state is blessed with exposed rock layers that expose with them a rich legacy of fossils; that we are lucky to live near and in and around six out of seven life zones; and we are lucky to have had citizens who have worked to preserve parts of those life zone areas into Open Space (Elena Gallegos, etc.), Federally-Designated Wilderness (Sandia Wilderness), Volcano Park (ABQ bought 3 southern cones in 1973 that led to Petroglyph National Monument), State Park Land (Rio Grande State Park along our Rio) – all projects started by concerned citizens … a great project to research who and when …


from Sandia Crest looking west to the Rio Grande - Art Adventures 2010


1 Response to “in response to Barelas Babe’s question, what do Albuquerque kids need to know about their environment?”

  1. October 11, 2010 at 5:13 am

    That you live in six out of the seven life zones (or at least can get to them from ABQ) is so interesting and inspiring. That’s one of the reasons I drive ten hours to get to your region.

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