chicago – a different kinda place

am here to visit my aunt – my mom’s older sis – who turned 89 a coupla days ago. I visit her every 2 years or so (it is so expensive). she is alone here except for one friend. her memory is fading, but she still CAN remember. very childlike – now carries her doll and kitty cat stuffed animal, which I am glad she has.

when i come to these chicago suburbs I am so amazed – the forest preserves, the many different nationalities that all seem to try to preserve their identity with shops and neighborhoods – can’t say for sure. the place where my aunt is – Greek American Rehab and Nursing home – is definitely a haven of Greek culture – a lot of Greek being spoken, and the soup served last night an unmistakeable aviglemono (sp!) – lemon chicken rice). so many services available from this huge metropolis. Albq pales in comparison. and so much rainfall – the dirt everywhere is rich dark brown. my mind imagines the land without the development : fertile – a place where folks would gravitate – and put up with cold and snow building good shelter.

i did not bring my camera cord with me so will have to add the photo of my aunt when i get home.


2 Responses to “chicago – a different kinda place”

  1. November 14, 2010 at 5:23 am

    I would give so much to be able to visit my aunts and uncles again. They were so influential in my life. Greek culture in the nursing home! Swell and good and comforting. You are a good neice. I hope your visit goes well. That you take the time to travel so far is so unselfish.

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