In fading morning light around 5:30

there was still one star visible through our high window. How stars somehow suggest a presence. And I am so close to tears these days with certain presences failing around me. Struggle to be with the feeling, the closeness and the longing for it not to fade – without succumbing to total sadness. There is life around me to be lived – a clamor of good work to be done. Thank goodness for being at the Museum, and for my Family, and for my Yard.

My aunt at her new home with her doll


1 Response to “In fading morning light around 5:30”

  1. November 19, 2010 at 12:13 pm

    Cirrelda: Do hang in there. The sadness is all around you and I am so sorry. It’s not pity I feel about you, but a grief that you are anguishing about “certain presences failing around me.” The ones we love have created worlds for us to live in and we are so much the better for them, but when they go…part of us go with them. I do the same as you: work, chores, groom horses, teach. Your aunt seems content and happy. My mother loved dolls. Collected them. My e-mail address, case you lost it is: matthewsranch@msn.com

    Your tiles are beautiful, enduring, artistic. I love the kind of work that potters and sculptors do. The tiles of the ancient world — Ishtar gate — are still around and beautiful. What a lasting art.

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