three days on the memory ward

re-reading my Feb 2010 post where I quoted from the movie The King of Hearts :

“My solution is to always live in the moment.”

“But you are exaggerating! What else makes life worth it?”

“I already knew that to love the world you must get away from it.”

“Life is simple – on one side whores, the other generals.”

“I don’t want to die. No one can know their own death. There are only three minutes to live. Three minutes is enough.”

“The most beautiful journeys are taken through the window.”


Reading these again just now I was brought back to Aunt Betty’s new home where I sat with her 2 and a half days. Hallways with residents and nurses and aides. Smiling faces. Blank faces. Frustration and anger. Moaning. And my aunt’s eyes meeting mine. Her asking, “when am I going to go home?” “you are home, this is your home.” “but what if they take me to the wrong place?” “this place is not too far from your last home.” “I mean Ponca City.” “We don’t know anyone anymore in Ponca City – there would be no place for us to stay.”

The sweetness and the simplicity and the childlike state of those sharing my aunt’s floor remind me of the people in King of Hearts whose asylum doors are opened during the crazy wartime evacuation when the bomb is planted in the town square.


New notebook I need you. I need to start recording all these memories of my time with my aunt. She did say it would be different next time, remember!!!


2 Responses to “three days on the memory ward”

  1. November 24, 2010 at 5:08 pm

    Cirrelda, it is so difficult. I read your posts that you are so close to your auntie. So sorry. You do so much for her. Your friend, warmly, and in sympathy — Jack.

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