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the round web at the edge of town

Is it the Curved Bill Thrasher? The lone bird that picks around in our Cholla detritus (piles of dead Cholla underneath the massive plants). Or sits atop the high fence post. Or just now flew to perch across from me atop the cedar fence. I was looking down at my old cat’s grave, noticing at least 10 flies buzzing around the mess of leaf mulch, imagining his body decaying 8 inches below, happy that the flies were there, knowing the circle is being completed, food is there for the smallest. And the Thrasher comes just to that spot. I cluck low and lower my eyes, wanting to welcome this bird here. And wondering if it will want to catch these fresh flies in this 50 degree afternoon.



Sure enough, here is the description of Curve-billed Thrasher habitat, from Cornell Lab All About Birds:

Thorn brush and scrub, semi-desert (especially where mesquite or cholla cactus is present), shrubby areas, open brushy woodland, and around towns .

Curve-billed Thrasher photographed in El Dorado, Santa Fe County by Peter Wallack, 2006

Cornell Lab says more! totally corroborated here!

Food: Insects, seeds, berries.

Behavior: Forages on ground, pokes and probes in plant litter, and digs holes in the soil with its long, down-curved bill.


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