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Fossil Water

That’s what this article from Ojai, California writer Mike Adams calls the Ogallala aquifer. He posted it today, 10th o’ March 2011, calling it: “America’s breadbasket aquifer running dry; massive agriculture collapse inevitable.”

Quoting from Adams’ post:
“There used to be 50,000 head of cattle, now there’s 1,000,” says Kay Horner in a Telegraph report (…). “Grazed them on wheat, but the feed lots took all the water so we can’t grow wheat. Now the feed lots can’t get local steers so they bring in cheap unwanted milking calves from California and turn them into burger if they can’t make them veal. It doesn’t make much sense. We’re heading back to the Dust Bowl.”

Adams bases this article on the above link – at Will be checking that out next. Adams continues:

“Be prepared and be safe
I want all NaturalNews readers to be prepared, informed and safe when facing our uncertain future. We know that trouble is stirring around the world, and much of it is either caused by or will lead to food shortages.

The GMO companies, of course, will exploit this situation to their advantage, claiming that only GMOs can grow enough food to feed the world. This is a lie. GMOs and patented seeds only enslave the world population and lead to great social injustice. The days of food slavery are fast approaching for those who do not have the means to grow at least a portion of their own food.”

Personally, I feel the stranglehold by Monsanto on seed production is ludicrous and welcome all efforts to raise awareness on how irreversible introducing Genetically Modified Organism-rendered seed is to our planet. The European Union has outlawed them, I’ve heard. Our otherwise well-informed state senator Tom Udall (D-NM) wrote my sister a reply saying, there is nothing to worry about with GMO alfalfa and sugar beets, that the FDA just recently approved. Where does that opinion come from?

Our “Local Food New Mexico” group on Facebook linked to this article from “Australia’s oldest independent online newspaper, .” This alert published from a health website in California may be old news re-hashed, but its relevance is finding fresh ears, fresh audiences, it seems.

Postscript 12/14/17
The above link is to an article written by 2 NM Hydrologists in 1995 with much mention about the Ogallala.


warmer days

Noticed this morn (4th of March, 2011) that many bulbs have pushed their green stalks up through their leaf blankets in our yard. Putting out water for the birds. And Mistress Beek, our local bee blogger said to put out water for the bees now.  I have been researching water needs of insects and other desert dwellers so I can tell the 3-5 year olds about it this coming week as our last habitat class is devoted to Dusty Deserts. I found a really great educational institution, part of ASU’s Global Institute of Sustainability: Southwest Center for Education and the Natural Environment.

I gotta go start my day now, but will check back with what I have learned.

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