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Sister Corita

A good article here on a hero of mine. I was reminded of her while looking at my friend Miriam’s blog this morning where she shows current day printer Suzanne Vilmain’s work.

if the link doesn’t work for you)

I add this here today to remind myself how much of an influence Sister Corita is in my expression.

My dad loved her work, too, and that is one reason I loved it. He bought a copy of this one, ‘the juiciest tomato of all,’ and had it hanging in our den. Then he would somehow find her work in magazines and keep them. I still have both the print and many of the copies. I bought a book of hers at Acequia Booksellers last year, Footnotes and Headlines: A Play Pray Book. It is filled with her print/poem musings.

'the juiciest tomato of all' by Sister Corita serigraph 1964 (thanks to Design Observer Group site)

One of my favorites is “I have loved you” about Gideon and God in conversation. I relate to it as Gideon is quoted in it saying he cannot believe – a place I find myself in.

She designed the first “love” stamp in 1985.

Love stamp by Sister Corita 1985

Today it is very good to immerse myself in her mode of expression and to remember it.


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