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La Montanita Coop in My Life

logo designed by head storekeeper Joe Hernandez

by Cirrelda Snider-Bryan

Being a member of La Montanita is not new – in fact it is old – twenty-seven years. My sister got me to join first food co-op, Ochá, before that. 31 years of food coop membership in Albuquerque! It is ‘old-hat’ to me – a comfortable and beloved old hat.

As in: jars for bulk flour, grains, herbs, spices, maple syrup are the way I still buy and store food. Though I don’t buy all the things I used to buy in bulk (tofu, laundry detergent, honey, oil), I could, ’cause (except for tofu) the co-op still carries them all that way. Neat to see people continue to buy in bulk and skip the throw-away package.

As in: knowing people just from shopping there. How I run into folks in lots of places who were members back then, too, run into them in the schools and in line at the credit union. We chat and remember the working member jobs we would do. Third grader I taught became Valley cashier when that store opened.

As in: ‘Fair Wage’ and ‘Food Shed’ are reasons I don’t complain about prices. Board and Staff continue to build efforts to be fair, open, pro-active. They model “best practice.”

Co-op ‘of endearing mountain’ — heap of hope for the future our daughter inherits.


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