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Yard log: March 18, 2012

Won’t be a day to a day to pull a trailer … said my sis to me last eve when i told her about my idea to drive to Bandelier to camp. Turned out I spent the day inside the old trailer, with wind howling, pulling down big limbs from our tall elms, causing the view to Sandia Crest to disappear behind brown-gray curtain. Too windy to take that walk I wanted – no searching for Coyote sign by the river. White circles covered the path: Apricot petals. Loose tiles were flipped, tables were tossed. Sparrows and Doves perched around the feeders, they too seemed caught in a limbo like me. Hard to have a warm spring day at home and not be able to be outside, however – Gusty does not play nice.

'Gusty' by Tulsa meteorologist Don Woods - cartoon I grew up seeing the channel 8 weatherman draw


Prairie Sagebrush Award 2012

Prairie Sagebrush Award 2012

on March 4, 2012 I got a surprise in my email – notice from Jack Matthews that he had given me one of his Prairie Sagebrush awards for a post I wrote in January of 2011, entitled “January Yard Observations.” He has awarded this to many very wonderful pieces of internet writing. You may link to the list as well as to his inspiring blog by double-clicking on the award image.

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