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Silver City – one of the best adventures of 2012

Silver City - one of the best adventures of 2012

We attended the 1st annual Silver City Clay Festival the first weekend of August and got to stay with our dear friends Ken and Jeannie, seldom seen since they moved to Silver City a dozen years ago.

To travel to Silver City from Albuquerque, it is either a 4, 4 and a half, or 5 hour trip, depending on the roads you choose. We chose the Emory Pass/4 hour route going, and came back the 5 hour route through Glenwood and Magdalena.

Our visit with Jeannie and Ken was delightful! I ended up buying a used fiddle from Jeannie, and she ended up trading a bunch of my tiles for her thread necklaces. Wanted to share those tiles here as well.

The Silver City Clay Festival was an event so well-organized and interesting that I will attend again! Here’s to Silver City in August, 2013!














Tiles of mine that were in the Juried Tile Show!

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