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Process for Imprint Tiles


I choose “relief” tile over just a flat, painted tile generally. I have etched and drawn into clay throughout the almost 50 years I’ve been working with it — first took clay classes at Philbrook Art Center in Tulsa in 1968 at the age of 11, with Marsha Manhart as my first teacher.

In the late 90’s I read Frank Giorgini’s book Handmade Tiles where he describes creating plaster molds for pressing slabs to create multiple versions of same tile. I know many folks were inspired by his book. After having a plaster press mold lose detail, I began to make my press molds from bisque-fired tiles. Most of the tiles shown in the albums here are made this way. I have created over 40 of these press tile forms which are negatives from my drawings.

Here are a few imprint tiles paired with finished tile. There is range of depth and detail – some are just lines, others have carved or built texture to create the final relief when a pre-measured slab is pressed into it.


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