Clay Science at the Museum

Clay community is now back in my life – thank you NM Museum of Natural History & Science for allowing me to blend this ever-engaging expressive medium with its capacity for learning about physics and geology!

Jan-Mar 2017 Clay Science at the Museum
Mar-Apr Animal Stories
Apr-May Garden Ware
Aug-Oct Geology of Clay
Oct-Nov Animal Stories
Nov-Dec Color in Clay
Jan-Feb 2018 Color in Clay 2
Mar-Apr Inventions with Clay
Apr-May Plants on Clay

Garden Ware May 2017


Animal Stories Mar 2017

Clay Science at the Museum Jan 2017


Garden Ware 2017


Garden Ware Apr 2017


2 Responses to “Clay Science at the Museum”

  1. December 3, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    I looked at the museum site, and saw more about the programs. I’m so glad for you — any blending of science and art is good, in my opinion. I hope all is well, and that the upcoming holiday season is a good one for you. It’s always nice to see your posts, too. Perhaps as you get involved, we might see one or two from your work at the museum.

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