Turning to mosaic

Passages mosaic show statement

Rocks from Foothills, Rocks from River – Water Travels In Between I, II

I consider these two pieces to be “samplers’ to a larger work that will happen in the years to come – to explore the “temporary waterways” – the arroyos, the small streams, the springs — that are fragile and life-giving in our cherished homeland beneath the Sandias and above the Rio Grande Trough. “I” was the initial vision, while “II”  is the looser abstraction of the same gestalt, incorporating a wider array of found objects.

Thanks to Pat Halloran for turning me on to Israeli Mosaic Artist Ilana Shafir. Shafir’s “Spontaneous Mosaic” manifesto shows a door to the intuitive side of the creative process. Specifically, it’s Shafir’s combining of her own hand-made ceramic forms, with natural objects and with the more traditional objects used in mosaic – her having all of those things surrounding her to choose from – that draws me to her approach. Being a lifelong ceramic artist, I have many already-created parts waiting for me to incorporate.

Thanks to the medium of mosaics for being sustainable in its energy and materials use.

Thanks to Terry Storch’s concept for this show- that instantly upon reading made me want to participate – “The middle Rio Grande Valley has seen the passage of great geological events, of peoples and cultures, of migrating and resident wildlife, of the changing course of the river and of the changing course of the seasons. The artists wish to interpret, depict, and proclaim … what the Albuquerque part of our riverine world witnesses and has witnessed over time.”

Thanks to Mosaic Artists of New Mexico for providing impetus to join together to show.

Thanks to Laura Paskus for her journalistic diligence/allegiance to water – and specifically her recent eloquent video in her “Our Land” series about Temporary Waterways, aired February 8, 2019.

Thanks to NM Bureau of Geology & Mineral Resources for their publication Albuquerque: Scenic Trips to the Geologic Past. And for groundwater lore and wisdom shared by NMBGMR hydrogeologists Sara Chudnoff and Stacy Timmons.

Thanks to Cirrelda Bee for sharing her inspiring vision of a wider water-use theme being pursued by Albuquerque Artists.

Thanks to Jota B for unlimited ideas and materials.

Thanks to Laura Robbins for her vision which still inspires me.

-Cirrelda Snider-Bryan, Spring 2019


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