Oh Albuquerque

I moved to my town, Albuquerque,  in January of 1978— so I have lived here 42 years! I love how I turn down a street, in all parts of this spread-out city, and know someone who lives there, or have a memory pop up. Lucky me to have connections with such a wide array of good folks in the place I live.

My friend Lita, on the homegrown (and now long gone) social media site Duke City Fix, demonstrates this phenomenon of knowing one’s city well with the contests to name the location of odd and unusual objects. I wish I could link to one to show you, but I’ve not been able to get that site from search engines. Lita got her teenage daughter to help her locate odd things like the happy face ball on top of a pipe on the cool business Harold’s Body Repair in Edith, for example. Lita also wrote a blog post about barber shops, going to many, and interviewing them. I also remember her interview of an elder in her neighborhood, whose home had hand built aspects. 

Lita is one of the people I think about, driving through my town.

This is the lucky thing that happens when you get to live a long life!  Something my own papa didn’t get. And he provides me with some of these memories because he spent some of his growing up here, too!

Lillian and George Taylor lived on north Rio Grande Blvd . Infamous, because Montano bridge access went right through their property. I would drive by and be so mad that the house and all the trees were being bulldozed for it. The Taylor’s were very old close friends of my grandparents- my sis found a letter that Lillian wrote to them in the 1930s. My sis and I got to visit there as kids. And there are stories of parties there. We had Lillian’s red Chile recipe in her handwriting that my dad used when he’d make enchiladas. Flour and lard in it. When I first moved here I saw a photo of George Taylor attending ACLU benefit, but I didn’t act and try to find him.

This post is very spontaneous- and I like the way it shaped up as a memory of my dad, since he died 40 years ago this Friday March 20.


Lillian Taylor in her Chile field behind her home, taken by my dad in the 1940s.


2 Responses to “Oh Albuquerque”

  1. 1 Anne Hirsh Greene
    March 18, 2020 at 9:49 am

    Beautiful imagery! Refreshing and powerful to remind us all what matters-connections. An elderly relative just told me after living in her apartment building for a long time – not knowing her next door neighbor – she received a note taped to her door with the neighbors name and phone number “just in case you need anything”. If only our president cared.

    • March 18, 2020 at 11:20 am

      Yes, connections! Simple stories from daily life. And gratitude. It’s so hard to have a president who does not care, agreed. Many thanks for reading and commenting, dear Anne!

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